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Things we never talk about

Posted: August 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

The words I never said. The words I said but never meant. The words I meant but never had them phrased well. The words I tried to phrase but never had those they’re meant for correctly interpret them. The meanings they understood but never had me know about. The scenarios we both knew we made up yet consciously chose to have them make sense. All the little things that take up what’s left of our brain space, but we still never have the guts to speak them out.


Nothing you can’t take

Posted: August 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

So it turns out you never really know how much you can take, unless you’re literally forced into staying strong through certain days. Sometimes it comes as a surprise, even to your own self, and you watch in awe as a new version of yourself starts emerging along with what you’re unexpectedly enduring. It surprises you because, out of all people, you’re the one who remembers how much it hurt when you used to cry yourself to sleep just a few years back, over much simpler issues. Issues that you only wish could have lasted – now that you’ve seen worse. But you only happen to look back at them with ease later for they’re what made you this strong; they’re what made life realize you’re ready to take in more of what it never gets enough of throwing right at your face. This is when you really need to be proud of yourself, more than ever. Because no matter how tough things will always turn out to be, you’ll always find it in you to make it through them. Because لا يكلف الله نفسا إلا وسعها (Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear), and if that’s not comforting enough, I don’t know what is.