My Alone Time

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

“How do you manage to keep the balance between all those things at the same time?” is a question I have constantly been asked this semester, from very different people. I thought I didn’t have an answer to that, until I realized that it all basically lies in the fact that I have finally managed to “take my alone time seriously.” It’s true I was able to manage my time well during previous semesters, but I would still often feel drained. What’s different is, this semester I have realized that myself needs to be cared for, without her having to ask for it — before she actually feels like she’ll start needing it.

So I’ve luckily been spending so much of my free time sitting right in front of this scene, only staring at the quiet sky, while I knew I had so much work to be done but still chose to relax whenever I got the chance to anyway. I’ve been consistently distancing myself from my phone every chance I got, knowing I would get blamed for not picking up calls or answering texts, but still allowed myself that pleasure anyway. I’ve been deliberately choosing to spend quite car rides with myself, allowing my thoughts to freely move around. I’ve been putting aside some of my sleep just to spend a few hours reading or writing at the end of some really busy days. I’ve been distancing myself from anyone who would, in anyway, mess with my inner peace, and I’ve been allowing myself more chances to breath in the solitude.

It all eventually helped everything else beautifully fall in place. I was constantly full of energy that I wasn’t always completely sure where it came from, and I was able to wisely use this energy doing all what I had to do. It’s true this was the busiest semester of my life, but it has surprisingly been the calmest too.

December 8, 2016


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