Graduating Senior – Final Season

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today, I willingly started a conversation with a random stranger in the library and we ended up exchanging numbers before we parted ways. Today, I was carefully picked from among a class of around 25 students to do something I would’ve never had the guts to ask for on my own any day. Today, I let down two requests (actually said *NO* twice!) because they were almost about to mess with my own well-being, and I literally didn’t feel a thing after letting out what I had to say. Today, I watched every loud gasp from every person who happened to know the number of courses I have signed up for this semester, and didn’t doubt myself anyway. Today, I almost got lost and wasn’t afraid to ask for help from those who actually know. Today, I unexpectedly bumped into two very old friends of mine, one of whom had just made it from the airport straight to campus and was randomly hanging out at a spot I had already been very tempted to leave. Today, I got the most heartwarming hugs from people I’ve never thought I could possibly miss this way. Today, I’ve been told I looked happy, and I truly was. For just like today, four years ago, I didn’t have enough courage to go through all the things I’m thankfully able to, today.

So here’s to a semester of conclusions. A semester of watching as things start falling in place. A semester of taking chances, of not being afraid to make mistakes. A semester of wholeheartedly accepting anything He chooses to bring my way, for it’s finally starting to make sense why I was supposed to graduate earlier yet He still made me stay.



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