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DC – Day 11 – Senior me

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

I can’t believe it’s already the time for my yearly post: the beginning of a new school year. This time it’s special though, because of two things. 1) I’m a senior! And I literally have no idea when did that even happen. And 2) I’m starting the semester at AUDC, instead of AUC and I’m not sure how did that dream come true that fast either.
It wasn’t really fast to be honest; it was a year-long process that I’m so glad is finally over, but my last year did end a little sooner than I had expected, so yeah, I can’t believe I’m finally here.

So much has changed about me last year, just like every year. I can say I’ve become quite independent on some aspects this time; with my two sisters not being around, and some other very dear friendships fading away. Being responsible for an entire organization has changed a lot about my character. I’ve started thinking about my every action and making up new strategies and theories on how to deal with people and stressful situations, which have proven to be quite successful in most cases. I’ve started to learn how to let go of the little things that used to ruin my days, but now consume a very tiny portion of them – if not none at all. I’ve learned how to trust people again, without allowing my life to revolve around them. I’ve sort of known how to keep a balance between everything in my life (well, except for my parents who still happen to be my source of endless guilt) and I’ve let in so many new faces into my life, and made sure to leave some pieces of me inside them — without ever losing myself in the process. I’ve matured, a lot. And started thinking about so many things differently.

However, it has all happened within my comfort zone. I was growing within limits. And I would have never realized that if I weren’t here right now, in DC, away from all the different comfort zones I’ve built around myself for a very long time. And that’s my absolute favorite part about any end/beginning of a year. You get to realize how much you’ve changed, while still acknowledging the fact that self development never comes to an end, and that the more you get developed, the more you understand that there’s still a lot more to be taken care of. And so here begins my new developmental journey.

I’m doing a lot of things for the very first time this year. I’m taking care of my food, my laundry, my transportation, my entire life for that matter. I’m sharing rooms with someone whom I never got to know before getting here. My values are constantly being challenged. I’m sort of representing my country and my religion to people who know almost nothing about them. I’m living around a very diverse group of people who don’t share my first language. I’m starting (to be forced) to take initiatives, which is something I had stopped knowing how to do. I’m constantly exploring and discovering new things about the world. And my independence is reaching some new levels I never even knew existed.

I can’t wait to meet all the new faces I’m destined to cross paths with this semester and have them shape my life differently. I can’t wait to realize I’ve turned into a completely different version of myself when I return back home. I can’t wait to read this next year (or even next semester) and spot pieces of the old me between the lines, for a new me would have fully emerged by then. I’m so looking forward to this semester, more then any previous one.

Senior year, here I finally come!