My faith in humans will never be restored.

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

There always exists this weird urge deep inside every single human, that pushes them to share personal stuff with their friends, even if they were unsharable material. You know how to get over that feeling? Simple, just make sure to share a top secret with one of those whom you deeply trust, let them know that they’re not allowed to tell anyone about it, then watch them a few minutes later telling you how they unintentionally let your secret out to that particular person whom you didn’t want it to reach. Guaranteed. Perfect results. You’ll just never feel like sharing anything with anyone ever again! And if you ever did, you can do the same thing again, but this time you might actually feel like locking yourself up in your room until it’s time to die.

I hate people. I officially do. I hate them because they can’t just know about something without letting everyone else know that they know it. I hate people because all my trust issues are because of them. I hate people because every time I feel that I’m on the edge of getting over my trust issues, someone enters my life and shows me that I’ll forever have to be stuck with them. I hate people because they can’t freaking mind their own business. Because they’ll never want others to know anything about them, but they’ll always go around wanting to know everything about everyone, without ever shutting up about it. I hate people because they make me regret speaking every time I open my mouth. I hate people so much it makes me want to cry.

Note to self: next time you tell someone that you’re going to tell them about something only under the condition of not letting it out, remember that this same sentence is going to be repeated a few minutes later, only that it’s going to be said by that same person to the next person whom they’d let your secret out to.

Learn to only trust yourself. Learn to keep those lips of yours sealed.

Do not trust humans. Ever.
You’re only allowed to hate them. Forever.


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