Getting over you

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

You’ve been occupying my mind for so long that I thought getting over you only meant being able to get you out of there. Whenever someone mentioned you around, my insides wouldn’t stop twitching and my mood would never stay the same. I eventually got mad at everyone who unintentionally brought you up or reminded me of you, and I wished it could’ve been possible to distance myself from everyone who knew you.

They said I should keep myself busy. They said I should put some effort into pushing everything that had to do with you out of my life, and that was what I’ve been striving to do for so long. Until I realized it just doesn’t work this way.

Getting over someone turned out to be nothing near any of that. Getting over someone is finally being able to willingly bring their name up in the middle of a conversation, without experiencing anything weird on the inside. It’s never having to lock yourself up at home, in fear of meeting them and getting it all back. It’s normally being able to bump right into them at the least expected times and places, without struggling with the words, without struggling to maintain eye contact, and without struggling to keep yourself together. It’s smiling at the memories, without trying to forget them in fear of wanting to have them back. It’s seeing them in other people’s faces without constantly wanting to look away. It’s realizing your words are slowly slipping into theirs, yet not minding it and not wanting to stay silent.

It’s having a huge portion of your words written for them, and gladly letting them flow, because there’s really no point of holding the words inside when they really want to be told. Because it doesn’t matter who you’re writing for, as long you are still able to write. Because it’s enough that the only time you’d smile at the thought of them can be upon reading something you’ve previously written, that you know no one would have inspired but them. Because the best forms of art are almost always produced after heartbreaks, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that.

Getting over someone doesn’t mean you’ll have to hate them, or ignore their entire existence. It’s about accepting the fact that things are just not meant to be, but that they’ll always have their own special place in your heart – that would never allow them to break it again, but will keep them safe in there. Everyone is sent into your life for a reason, and if you keep trying to forget all about them every time you want to move on, you’re definitely going to be missing out on all the reasons that you might never get a chance to relearn.

Getting over someone is hard indeed, but it’ll always prove to be much harder if you kept trying to do it the wrong way.


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