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Posted: March 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Appreciation. Something I’ve always loved giving, and would never deny how good receiving it makes me feel.

I’ve been asked to correct some assignments for an Accounting class a few days ago, and every time I’d come across one which seemed to have so much effort put into it, and which made me feel comfortable going through, I’d make sure to leave a ‘Thank You!’ on its first page. I thought it wouldn’t mean that much to the students, but I decided to put it down anyway.

Today, as I was entering my own Accounting class, I spotted my assignment (which I’ve really worked hard on) on the table, and when I reached out for it, I found a heartwarming “Thank you!” written on its first page the same way I did with the ones I was correcting, and I just couldn’t stop smiling for the whole class. I thought about how I felt every time I decided to write a thank you down, and I couldn’t believe I might have made whoever was correcting my assignment feel that way. And then I thought about how happy I was reading those two simple words after spending so much time on my assignment, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the other smiles that might have emerged upon reading my own “Thank you!” on their assignments.

When class time was over, the professor started handing back our midterms. He was calling out names, and when he reached my paper (along with some others), he gave it to me and this time he actually SAID a real life thank you! :’)

Thinking about it all, I was at first amazed at how what goes around, does amazingly come back around this way. The thank yous I had written down the other day, were unexpectedly coming back to me in a more touchy way. Yet most importantly, I realized how heartwarming “appreciation” really feels, and how a simple thank you can do miracles to one’s day. I’d never want to stop doing that.

Simply; Appreciate!


Random post #1

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So, I’m starting this new series of random posts where I’d be writing every now and then about a person, or an incident; anything that has made a difference in my life or taught me some kind of lesson that I wouldn’t have otherwise learnt. Too often we’d experience similar stuff, or encounter such people, but rarely do we give ourselves the chance to stop and reflect, or simply appreciate the existence of those God-sent gifts.

Random post #1 goes out to the amazing Abeer Zaki, my sister.
She definitely knows how much of a difference she’s made in my life since I was a little girl, but there’s this certain thing I currently am so grateful for. During the past two years of my life, I’ve started getting more into words than I think I ever did before. I was able to lose myself in words more often, and I was able to write more words than I had in all the previous years combined. When I came to think about it, I realized that she truly was one main reason behind it all.

I grew up reading her very long posts everywhere, and they always seemed to inspire anyone who’d stumble upon them. She was one of the very first people who made me realize the true power of words. She then used to encourage me to use my own. When I used to study poetry at school, she’d push me to write more. When I started with my random blabbering, she was the first person I’d run to and ask for her opinion. When I needed an editor, she was always there, turning my weirdest writings into some marvelous pieces, without ever making me doubt my abilities, and still always making me want to write more so that I could do better. She was the very first person I exchanged handwritten letters with, way before I started appreciating their existence the way I do now. She made me realize that just because I wasn’t able to express my feelings and emotions in spoken words, it doesn’t mean I’ll have to keep them inside forever. She planted the very first seeds inside me, and they’ve been surprising me with the most unexpected roots since then; all because of her.

Reaching university, she was still there for me through my first writing class, teaching me all the techniques, and giving me all the tips that helped shape the rest of my writing courses. She’d spend so much of her time helping me draft and edit my work, without once making me feel I was a burden (even though I probably was!). I used to freak out at the thought of not having her around during my following writing classes, but her effect has been too powerful that they didn’t just extend to a single semester. She wasn’t just helping me with my current work at that time, she was teaching me lessons for life, that I was able to depend on myself through two more courses, and willingly applied for a third one; still because of her.

Now that I’m starting to edit other people’s words, I can’t help but realize how much she’s added to my life. I constantly feel like my Abeer-side involuntarily pops out as I start editing, even though I know I’d never even be able to compete. I’d often catch myself wondering “What would Abeer change if she was the one editing this?”, and that would always ease things for me.

I’m just so thankful she’s my sister, and I’m extremely grateful for all what she’s developed in me so that I could be this person I am today. I truly owe it all to her!